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Founded in 1997, Alternatif Lease is among the leading establishments of the Turkish leasing sector with 100% indirect shareholding of Qatar based The Commercial Bank and 100% subsidiary of Alternatif Bank in the financial services industry. With its young and dynamic teams, proactive business processes and management philosophy, the Company offers high quality financial leasing services to a well-diversified clientele. Having made it a principle to adhere to the highest business ethics in its operations, Alternatif Lease enjoys a respected presence in the market owing to flexible and quality solutions produced in line with the expectations of its select customers.

Small-and micro-sized enterprises form the backbone of Alternatif Lease’s client portfolio. Tailor-made products, specially-designed campaigns through vendors and high-quality services provided by its proficient staff are Alternatif Lease’s strongholds to reach this segment.

Alternatif Lease, whilst providing finance solutions to Alternatif Bank customers that meet their individual requirements, offers vendor leasing solutions to distributors, vendors and dealers of professional equipments, which they can offer to their customers in turn.

Alternatif Lease is a subsidiary of Alternatif Bank.

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