The Bank pays utmost attention to ensure the confidentiality and security of our customers' information. This is a legal obligation of our Bank before the regulatory and rule maker authorities, as well as our Bank's sensitivity to this issue.

Within the framework of our approach to protect the information of our customers and to take maximum care in compliance with the legal regulations, in order to ensure that all our employees show the required sensitivity at the highest level, detailed regulations are made in this regard in our Bank's legislation and the protection of customer information in all applications and processes is considered importantly.

During the visit of our website, your personal data, which we have recorded with automatic or non-automatic methods and shared with us electronically, will be used first in order to ensure that your requests are fulfilled and then as Alternatif  Bank to provide you with a better service.

During the use of your personal information; Our Bank takes all due care in accordance with the confidentiality provisions and legal obligations.

All information, including the personal data of our customers, is not shared with third parties without the consent of our customers, except for regulatory and enforcement agencies and authorities authorized to access such information as required by applicable legal provisions.

The Bank pays utmost attention to ensure that the institutions receiving support services comply with the Bank's confidentiality standards and conditions, secures and supervises them through contracts and agreements.

The commitments set forth herein apply to information shared on this website and on the websites of other affiliates of the Bank, 

the privacy principles, ethical principles and terms of use of the websites visited on other websites apply. 

Our Bank is not responsible for any material / moral losses that may be incurred on these sites.

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