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While in need of financial support, you will find comfort in working with a leasing company that understands and shares your dreams and enthusiasm, offering you practical and fast solutions.

Alternatif Lease provides funds for your mid or long term investments with the exact amount your project needs, buys your necessary equipment and rents them to you with a payment plan that is arranged in accordance with your cash flow. You get to own your equipment for a symbolic price after the contract period is over.

Alternatif Lease's team of experts understands your race against time and they would never let you down. They treat your investments as if they are their own, and see you as a partner.

Alternatif Lease, yatırımcının zamanla mücadelesini en iyi kavrayan uzman kadrosuyla sizi yarı yolda bırakmaz. Yatırımlarınızı kendi yatırımı, sizi de ortağı gibi görür ve benimser .

Thanks to the advantages that Alternatif Lease offers...

  • Whether it is a company or a personal investment, you have leasing options for both.
  • You can rent any equipment you want; you yourself can either choose the necessary machinery and equipment your project needs, or let Alternatif Lease do the job for you.
  • You can purchase your machinery and equipment domestically or externally. Our experienced and resourceful staff is ready to help you for either process.
  • Alternatif Lease not only funds you financially, but also provides you with highly qualified technical support. You can utilize our expert team who are truly experts on the equipment and the machinery they work on.
  • You would not lose your precious time, we are always on time.
  • You can make your leasing payments in Turkish Lira or in foreign currency depending on your cash flow and with whatever schedule you want, as long as it goes in line with the relevant regulations. ,

..all your projects are realized easily with great speed.

Alternatif Lease can be utilized by sellers as well.

If you are selling machinery and equipment you can recommend Alternatif Lease to your customers. By doing so, you would receive your payment in advance while offering your customer a suitable financial advantage.

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